Teleworking & Remote Working Costa Rica

In the past, people looking for a good paying job would move to the big cities. Money will sacrifice peace, open space, mental health, and so much more. It doesn’t have to be so in this present era. Remote working is a modern term that is making this rumination of moving a possible reality as nowadays remote employees can execute their projects and attain their goals wherever they please.

This fact becomes even more interesting when we consider certain facts about living in a country like Costa Rica. So, if you are tired of being inside your small apartment due to social distancing, crave fresh air, marine breeze, and wonderful views, The small beach town of Nosara  is the place to consider. Wearing flip flops and shorts to work! You Bet! As a matter of fact, Costa Rica can become the next international destination for remote workers from across the globe. No need to pay office space.

Reasons why people can choose Nosara, Costa Rica for remote working hotspot:
  • Fiber optic networks: Costa Rica is investing big bucks in internet infrastructure which is improving with time.
  • Convenient time zone: Costa Rica’s Central Standard Time will keep remote workers in agreement with their job places.
  • Weather/climate: Nothing beats warm tropical beach temperatures.
  • Access to nature: Nosara is located in a Wildlife Refuge…nothing more needs to be said!
  • Lifestyle:  slow pace of rural environments; easily accessible beaches and beach life.
  • Cheaper cost of housing: An average two-bedroom apartment or house with pool, etc. is about $1500/mo + utilities. 
  • Stable politics and social life: Costa Rica is known for its long-standing and stable democracy being a constitutional republic. It has a progressive environmental policy, and a highly non-violent educated population.
  • Accessibility: Short flights to/from North and South American cities

In short, the shine of the big city is beginning to lose its place in the economical stage, as people, especially ages 45 and over, are opening to the consideration of smaller communities, even other countries, like Costa Rica for remote work. 



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