Embracing the Off-Grid lifestyle

Off-grid properties are properties that envelop and nourish the lifestyle of becoming self-sufficient reducing significantly costs of water, electric, and service bills from others.  Renewable energy is a trend now, and Costa Rica is not the exception!!  Decree No. 39220-of the Costa Rican Ministry of Energy and Environment regulates the production of energy for personal use.  Off Grid properties are generally powered by electrical grids as their only source of energy. Properties are built within nature with an intelligent design taking into account the sun’s trajectory, the insulation on walls, the incorporation of natural light, and indoor- outdoor spaces for a better effect.

Here are Top Five  Reasons you should adopt a more Off-Grid lifestyle.

1-The Air is much cleaner:  Needless to say,  people who choose to remain in the densely populated areas are going to suffer the health consequences.

2-Privacy: by definition it is a more private lifestyle. There are also communities with the ambition of creating a more self sufficient lifestyle.

3-Peace and Quiet: A lot less sounds of (sub)urban hectic lifestyle, but instead a lot more sounds of nature. You’ll start rediscovering what it is all about.

4-Family Time Investing and Saving: When you become self-sufficient and learn to grow your own food, manage your own water, produce your own solar energy, etc, you can invest quality time with your loved ones getting them involved in the process.  You can get unlimited information on the internet on how to become self-sufficient and implementing primitive knowledge techniques and conservation methods. Off Grid living reduces costs of bills and services.

5- Planet Earth is happy: Let’s start living more in harmony with our planet. Reducing and eliminating waste and toxins from the environment is only good to the Earth.

We live in a society where we need others to subsist: water, electricity, food, etc. Are you ready to cut-off this dependency by starting with something as simple as choosing off grid properties to live in? It depends on you!