Experimentando las mejores playas de Costa Rica

I haven´t met anyone yet whose face doesnt come alive at the mention of the word beach. The word simply evokes a myriad of pleasant images: tropical- surf- ocean breeze -warmth -aquamarine- relaxation– tanned complexions- tropical foliage- luxurious coctails- fresh fish- sunset- laughter- bikinis- romance.

What kind of images come to your mind?

There are always event-packed tropical experiences when we think about the beach….exciting without exagerating. It is the place people long to visit all year long.

Mother Nature has abundantly provided Costa Rica with wonders to behold and enjoy.  Among those, 762 miles of diverse coastline, with a variety of ecosystems within the country. This is the reason the country´s name means Rich Coast in English. The stunning beaches bring myriads of tourists to this gem in Central America every year. Each beach in this country has its special uniqueness, but if we want to compare them to the beaches in North America or Europe, the traits that stand out immediately are the building-free fronts and the warm waters.

Let’s take a quick look to the top 7 best beaches in Costa Rica, located mainly in the province of Guanacaste, which attracts sun worshippers of all kinds. 

1. Conchal Beach

This Paradise beach is overlooked due to its location, tucked away south of Playa Brasilito and accessed only on foot from Brasilito retaining a natural feel. Playa Conchal gets its name from the sand found here that is made up of hundreds of millions of tiny sparkling  crushed shells. It has the clearest waters of the Golden coast which provides beautiful hours of snorkeling and swimming in the open sea, scuba diving, while enjoying exotic marine lifes such as the stingray, and colorful tropical  fish. This beach is close to  national parks and nature reserves. You can also find a small estuary to the south of the beach. Conchal beach offers countless exotic flora ad fauna, and marine miracles. Visitors can enjoy activities range range from water rafting, horse back riding, deep sean fishing, and myriads of outdoor adventures.

2. Manuel Antonio Beach

This stunning beach is a favorite due to the calm waters making it a great choice for families with small children. It is inside the Manuel Antonio National Park filled with wildlife: green iguanas, white-faced and howler monkeys, reptiles, sloths, birds, and butterflies.

3. Flamingo Beach

This pinkish white sandy beach is has home and condo developments and  gentle waves which makes it also a favorite for families. It is an upscale and relaxed beach away from the hostel and hippie type of culture. Small yachts and sailboats bob on the water giving away clearly the growing trend of water activities enjoyment. The sunsets in from Flamingo Beach are stunningly beautiful.

4. Tamarindo Beach

This is one of Costa Rica’s most popular beaches for lively action packed nightlife and excitement. Enjoyed by the younger crowds. Las Baulas National Park is close for wildlife amusement. Tamarindo Beach is a destination for beginning surfers and it offers them a variety of accommodations and lively restaurant life.

5. Punta Uva Beach

This beach on the Caribbean coast, is one of the most enchanted destinations for cinnamon sand beaches, virginal waters, palm trees, and the unforgettable endangered green macaws! Here you can travel to the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge where you can see green turtles, leatherback turtles, the hawksbill turtle, sloths or the adorable ¨lazy bears¨, manatees, and different types of butterflies. There is also the Gandoca Beach mangrove with its pure waters, and the production of organic cocoa. The experience will educate the whole family!

6. Santa Teresa and Malpais Beaches (Nicoya Peninsula)

This beach in the Nicoya Peninsula is the sanctuary of the backpacker, the surfer, the hippie, and  the yoga type.

This gorgeous beach offers stunning natural beauty to the spiritual  culture and the small budget adventurous traveler who arrived to vacation and  never left.

6. The Nosara Beaches (Nicoya Peninsula)

These beaches are great for families. Samara is more expanded and developed and offers a great variety of businesses, and banks. Nosara, with different beaches like Guiones, Pelada and Garza, are wellness destinations. Guiones beach is a top surf beach and not as populated as Tamarindo. Pelada is a beautiful rocky small beach. Garza is a fishermen village with secluded, non-developed natural beaches. San Juanillo beach, just north of Nosara is not as visited, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa RIca.  Ostional is a black volcanic sand beach loved by the mass annual turtle nesting of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge. People enjoy the Olive Ridley sea turtles night tours