Nosara: 4 Key Factors why This Top-Rated Beach Town is a Great Choice for Rental Returns

On the wooden porch, the breeze, cool and reviving, brought an aroma of freshly cut lawn with it. José, my gardener, was placing those beautiful small palm tree planters on the terracotta ceramic floor. Inside the house, recently brewed Costa Rican coffee was being poured into cups, and the smell diffused throughout the room. The kids were getting ready to go to the beach with the neighbours. Down the hill they went, all geared up: goggles, sunblock lotion, surfboards, and the like. This is a glorious sun-filled afternoon, and the idea of a quiet time with friends at my seaside home seemed exquisite…. perhaps a stroll down the beach later to enjoy a splendid sunset! —

You are sharply brought back to real life by a telephone ring and a holler from your boss to take the call. You are back in your office, on a cold January afternoon.Looking to buy or rent a house and wondering where is a good place to relocate in Costa Rica, doesn’t have to just be a day-dream.  Consider reviewing the combination of these 4 important characteristics that attract real estate investors to Nosara.  When thinking about rental returns, Nosara stands as a top-rated beach town on the Pacific Coast of this gem in Central America.

Firstly,  the main reason why people move to Nosara is its nature and wildlife.  Guiones is known as a surfer’s paradise and has received a Blue Flag for its immaculate, well-cared-for beaches. People can also experience the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, the nesting spot of the leatherback and other species of turtles. These areas are government protected and thus the coastlines lack the populated building infrastructure of other beaches in Costa Rica.

Secondly, people are attracted to this highly rated beach town because of its community.  This fact plays an important role when people think about rental returns. The expats from north america and Europe have found in Nosara a niche to run their businesses and enjoy a safe and interactive community. The native Nosarians have embraced this multiculturalism, and are a key part in the expats’ progress, mainly providing services for them, and also sharing the enjoyment of the town’s varied activities, as well as cultural and civic celebrations.

I addition to the above,  the services Nosara offers make it a great choice for rental investment. The town has access to water, electricity, several cable and high speed internet providers, retail stores, real estate and property management businesses. Additionally, an investor can find health care facilities, private doctors’ offices, private and public schools, yoga studios, nanny services, language and translation services, and a plethora of restaurants to name a few.  There is even a small airport in town, with 35 minute flights to San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city!

Lastly, Tourism is the top factor for businesses in this area. There is a continuous stream of people looking for vacation rentals, as Nosara gains popularity every year, enabling investors to generate rental income from their property.

Undoubtedly, these four factors make Nosara a popular option to get rental returns. Tired of shoveling snow? This coastal town enveloping beaches, lush tropical dry forest, and the conveniences to live comfortably surrounded by a safe community lead to a happier healthier lifestyle.  Think of it as a  wonderful place to raise a family!