Tidbits of Healthcare in Costa Rica 

¨I never saw a heart attack handled any faster when I was working in the U.S…. Unlike some foreign nations, Costa Rica has nothing to worry about; state-of-the-art services are available here in all branches of medicine and dentistry. ¨     Dr John Michael Arthur, Texas, U.S. 

Costa Rica just seems to be a healthy place to live. Despite being a developing country, healthcare here is good and cheaper than in some developed nations.

In this small country in Central America, there is access to the public government run system, and also to the private one. There are three large, private hospitals in the capital city that most expatriates use: CIMA hospital, Clínica Bíblica, Clínica Católica in San José. Both systems are always improving, getting staff trained, and acquiring equipment. The majority of doctors and health staff speak English and have received training in Northamerica or Europe. 

Here are 4 important notions about healthcare in this land: 

  1. Visitors or residents can access both  private or public systems depending on their needs.
  2. Healthcare costs are low in comparison to those in the U.S. and even some European countries. Costs are about a third to a fifth of what you’d pay in the U.S. Drugs are less expensive here, as well.
  3. Although the system sometimes overburdens, it has worked well for Costa Ricans for the past 60 years. Legal residents living in Costa Rica can join the social system and get free treatment (check-ups, prescription drugs, and major surgeries) by paying a small monthly fee, based on income. Tourists and visitors can use the facilities only in emergencies.
  4. The phenomenon called “medical tourism” makes it possible for residents or tourists to have access to dental work, knee replacements, hip replacements, and cosmetic surgeries which are among the most popular procedures done in Costa Rica, are much cheaper than in other developed nations.

Costa Rica is frequently placed in the top country rankings in the world for long life expectancy. Researchers have discovered that the residents here live longer on average thanks to a combination of climate, diet, and other factors.

Welcome to Costa Rica!!!